Purchase of a CO2 laser

Monday December 19th, 2016

In December we purchased a professional CO2 laser which was promptly added to our Machine Park. The intense influx of new commissions and increased production demands over the course of last several months necessitated purchasing this new punching machine.

The Senfeng SF 1390 Laser is commonly used to cut and engrave both hard and soft materials, such as acryl, MDF, plywood, paper, foam, wood, plastic, leather, and fabrics. The machine is equipped with a 100W CO2 laser tube of an active area of 1300mm x 900mm. It is compatible with popular graphical formats, such as .bmp, .plt, .dst, .ai, .dxf, and others.

This new device makes our work easier, quicker and more efficient. It is especially suitable for production of advertising gadgets, POS materials, or engraved presenters.

Such a professional machine will not only enhance the capacity of printing in the Machine Park, but also allow us to meet the growing expectations of our current and new clients.

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