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Specification of files

In order to guarantee the highest quality of the print, please send us materials as files in the following parameters:

  • Acceptable file extensions: *.tif, *.jpg., *.pdf.

  • Files should be flat, without any additional layers and masks (LZW compression) – this will help to avoid any problems with the file and will guarantee proper colour mapping.

  • PANTONE colours should be converted into CMYK.

  • To achieve the proper depth of blackness, the component values should be set to the following levels: C: 70% M: 70% Y: 70% K: 100%.

  • We only accept files in CMYK, because other modes do not guarantee fully accurate colour interpretations.

  • Files sent to the server should be compressed and sent as *.rar, or *.zip files.

Studio and graphics consulting

All materials sent to us are checked to make sure they are in line with specifications above. We take full responsibility for the final results of all projects, therefore should any irregularities be spotted, we will inform the Client immediately. If you encounter any issues when preparing materials for the printing process, we would kindly suggest entrusting it to our Specialists. Any additional activities aiming at adjusting the files to the specifications above, and all changes applied by us on the Client’s request, are treated as additional services, paid separately. We have a fully equipped graphics studio and a team of Specialists, which, should you request it, may design and create individual projects.

In case of any questions, our Specialists are here to offer assistance and advice!

Graphics Department + 48 531 792 226