Meble reklamowe

To meble sklepowe w formie ekspozytorów i stojaków umieszczonych w przestrzeni sklepowej. Wykonywane z różnych materiałów np.: drewno, płyty mdf, plastik, aluminium, stal, mogą być z podświetleniem lub bez. Nasze meble reklamowe to doskonała forma atrakcyjnej prezentacji produktów zachęcających do ich zakupu. Oferujemy szeroki wybór różnorodnych stojaków i ekspozytorów które przyciągną wzrok klientów. Wykonywane przez nas produkty stojaki charakteryzuje solidność wykonania i dopasowanie do życzeń klienta.

POS Materials

We offer a full range of POS materials of small and medium format, which are especially suitable for promotional actions and services in points of sales. The most popular items from this category are stands, displays, advertising panels, roll-ups, and people stoppers. Our POS materials are mainly made of paper, cardboard, metal, and plastic. We guarantee professional advertising media that will successfully boost your sales and brand recognition.

Small-lot package

Packaging without graphics is used only for packing products, while those made with printing are also an advertising element. They are made of solid or corrugated cardboard, of any thickness, all at the client's individual request. Packages can be self-folding or flap, and have additional handles. Packaging is printed using UV technology, ensuring the highest clarity of colors and graphics.

Communication systems

We create advanced communication systems, usually used as markers inside buildings. We offer a full range of media, especially directional and informational boards, health and safety notices, door plates, spacer boards, as well as various signs and banners. We can supply any material, colour, and shape of your choosing. We guarantee a high degree of aesthetics, reliability, and durability.

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