Multifunctional plotter Elitron KOMBO TH 31.20

Multifunctional plotter Elitron KOMBO TH 31.20 is an innovative cutting system equipped with two independent working traverses equipped with cutting, milling and creasing heads.
The plotter's working area is 3150 x 2050 mm. The machine is equipped with a "kisscut" knife, two active-oscillating knives, 2 creasing heads with 4 creasing wheels, 2 high-speed milling spindles (50,000 rpm and 3 kW power) and a camera for reading markers. Elitron Kombo TH. 31.20 also has a vacuum table with a 7.5 kW vacuum pump and a chip extraction system. The plotter's advantage is also a video projector for displaying works on the table, as well as software for packaging design. The plotter enables cutting, creasing and milling of a wide range of materials, incl. pvc, dobond, foils, re-board, paper, cardboard, carton, rubber and many more.

AGFA Anapurna H3200i LED UV printer

Anapurna H3200i LED is a large format plotter that allows direct printing of rigid and flexible media. The plotter prints in six CMYKLCLM colors at a speed of up to 129 m2 / h, it also has the function of applying a white color, which can be applied both before and after the multi-color layer. The maximum print width on a roll is 3.2 m, while the maximum possible printable plate is 3.2 x 4 m.
The use of energy-saving UV LED technology guarantees a significant reduction in power consumption as well as extends the spectrum of printed media, including o high temperature-sensitive materials. Another advantage of the printer is the anti-static ionizing system for the printed material. The printer has an automatic system for measuring the printed substrate, and thanks to the appropriate software, it is also possible to 3D layered printing - printing up to 6 layers with one pass.

UV Jetrix 2513 FRQ Printer

Jetrix is one of the best large-format UV printers used for internal and external advertising graphics. It enables fast and comfortable printing on smooth and rolled materials. Prints are sharp and have a high photographic quality thanks to an actual resolution of 1200 dpi. The biggest asset of its light-curing ink is the ability to directly print on boards such as Forex, Dibond, Plexiglas, as well as normal glass or wood. The design of the machine guarantees the ability to print on materials up to 3m wide and 10cm thick. The G-mask system eliminates the effects of banding and the “cut grass effect” on prints.

Drukarka HP Latex 360

Drukarka HP Latex 360 to najwyższy model w linii urządzeń s.300. Pozwala drukować jeszcze większą ilość aplikacji i realizować większe produkcje z uwagi na możliwość druku na tkaninach.

Drukuje począwszy od niedrogich materiałów niepowlekanych po aplikacje typu POP, elementy podświetlane, płótna oraz dekoracje ścienne, bannery. Z uwagi na produktywność i szerszy druk drukarka dedykowana jest do pracy w średnich i dużych drukarniach wielkoformatowych, w których średnie nakłady produkcyjne wynoszą około 800-1000m2/m-c. Udźwig materiału zakładanego do druku wynosi 42 kg/ 250mm. Model posiada nóż odcinający media.

Graphtec FC8000-130 Plotter

A high-quality plotter enabling quick cutting with maintained high precision, used for cutting objects from various kinds of adhesive films, flex, flock, or reflective foil signs. It is equipped for both cutting and plotting. The appropriate pressure of the knife also enables the device to cut through objects, which is used especially in punching stickers or automatic cutting off fragments of film. The ARMS optical marker reading system enables precise cutting based on a previously applied graphic, as well as correction of arrangement errors and non-linearity of the print.

Ploter frezujący MARMAX CNC 2040

Ploter frezujący CNC 2040 jest wysokiej klasy maszyną obróbczą CNC. Ta precyzyjna maszyna służy do obróbki szerokiej palety materiałów inżynieryjnych, w których skład wchodzą między innymi tworzywa sztuczne (PCV, plexi itd.), kompozyty (carbon, alucarbon, itd.), metale miękkie (aluminium, mosiądz), drewno czy materiały drewnopochodne (płyty wiórowe, OSB i MDF).

SF 1390 CO2 Laser

A professional laser plotter able to perform precise cuts or even very small engravings on various surfaces. Commonly applied to cut materials such as acrylic, wood, plywood, paper, or leather. It guarantees seamless engraving on materials such as acrylic or MDF, as well as wood and wood-like materials, such as bamboo. It is especially suitable for engraving small elements (e.g. stamps) due to its extraordinary precision. It is also able to cut thick Plexiglas in one go, resulting in seamless edges.

SEAL IMAGE 62 Plus Laminator

A professional laminator used for aesthetic finishing and protection of print from mechanical damage, fading, and harmful influence of atmospheric conditions. It works with a full range of materials and surfaces up to 10mm thick. It is able to cover prints with protective films of varying thickness – anywhere between 20 and 200 micron – with a width of up to 160cm. The films come in matt, shiny, and satin. od 20 mikronów oraz grubymi do 200 mikronów, o szerokości do 160cm. Folie dostępne są w wersji matowej, błyszczącej, satynowej.

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