Photographic wallpapers

Photographic wallpapers are an innovative and impressive solution used for interior design. We offer a choice of millions of amazing motifs which may be chosen in accordance to their destination and the target theme. We also prepare individual orders based on the Client’s requests. We employ eco-friendly printing techniques and high-quality printing materials, which guarantee colour intensity and resistance to fading and external damage.

Glass printing

Printing on glass is a modern, aesthetic, and durable form of interior design. Glass is extremely visually attractive, it is easy to clean, durable, and resistant to temperature. It is especially suitable for kitchens and bathrooms, because it efficiently replaces traditional tiles. We offer printing on glass of any kind and colour, and realize both individual and larger orders. Our offer is aimed at both individual and business Clients.

Images on canvas

Photo images printed on canvas structured on the basis of an actual canvas used by painters – it is an elegant decoration for any stylish interior. We offer printing high-quality photo images with outstanding colour sharpness and intensity. We have thousands of motifs that our Clients can choose from, and also offer printing Clients’ private photographs. Our prints are odourless – ideal for hotels, restaurants, nurseries and apartments.

Plexiglas decorations

High quality Plexiglas decorations are a groundbreaking innovation in the field of design and printing. Plexiglas provides additional lighting to interiors thanks to its transparency. We realize both standard and artistic orders – we can adjust the Plexiglas tiles to any shape or dimensions, based on the individual request of our Clients. For the most demanding Clients we also offer printing of Plexiglas pictures and photographs. Within the modern interior design paradigm, Plexiglas represents the latest trends from all over the world.

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