Cardboard furniture made of honeycomb cardboard panels with a personalized structure

Many people admire them because of the aspect of ecology. 100% climate neutral and can be recycled after use. Great green furniture also catches the eye because of its unusual appearance! Structural graphics allow, for example, children to spend time in a creative way, transforming each piece of furniture into a unique work of art. Our professional product development department creates custom-made furniture according to your specifications, different graphics and unique structures.

Cardboard stands with a personalized structure

Shelf racks made of cardboard are becoming more and more popular. This is due to the fact that the price-to-performance ratio is certainly their greatest advantage. Full personalization of the rack and marking it with your brand. significantly stand out from the competition. Depending on the time of exposure and the type of product, you can prepare a cheap short-term stand, or a stand of higher quality, properly printed, secured and refined for displaying premium products.

Cardboard displays with a personalized structure

The assortment placed in them becomes much more attractive and becomes much easier to see. Thanks to the pioneering, patented structure-forming technology, we are able to plan all the convex and concave elements of the display's graphics. This solution allows us to create unconventional and original works, devoid of mechanical repetition of patterns, giving them an original character and designer flair, which cannot be passed by indifferently.

Cardboard packaging with a personalized structure

Your own printing on the packaging is an excellent marketing medium that is ideal for promoting a given product or brand. Packaging is a very important part of the logistics process as well as a part of the sales process. The quality of the packaging and printing proves the brand, thanks to which properly made graphics affect the positive perception of the entire company. Why is it worth investing in personalized packaging. Original packaging is memorable, sells and protects the product, and supports image creation.

Emphasizing an important design element with structure will add a custom element to any package - the possibilities are endless!

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