UV Printing

We use the latest UV printing techniques, which allow us to prepare high-quality direct prints on hard materials such as PCV or Dibond, but also on wood, glass or films. We can employ this technique on the material and in the size of your choosing. rozmiarze, dodatkowo możemy We can also apply additional solutions to increase the durability and damage resistance of the final product. We also offer cutting and milling services, and may adjust the final form of your project to meet your expectations.

Solvent printing

Solvent print is currently the most popular method of printing used for large-format inscriptions because of its increased resistance to atmospheric conditions, such as UV radiation, rain, or overall attrition. We offer solvent printing on any kind of rolled materials dedicated to solvent, such as adhesive films, banners, mesh grids, or paper. Solvent print is especially suitable for advertising banners, billboards, and large-format mesh grid adverts.

Latex printing

We offer latex printing technology which enables printing on a plethora of rolled media such as films, paper, canvas, or polyester. Latex print is extremely resistant to fading and scratches. This method of printing is recommended for both external and internal use. Eco-friendly, odourless, solvent-free, and water-based paints guarantee safety of usage, colour intensity, and sharpness for many years.

CNC milling

A professional large-format printer equipped with high-resolution SEIKO printheads, characterized by low costs of printing. The prints are highly aesthetic and especially suitable for external and internal solutions. The professional software of the printer enables a full range of various printing options, such as nesting (placing several objects in a single print area), or tiling (automatic division of a large project into panels). The innovative EDGE FEATHER system efficiently eliminates the “cut grass effect.” frezowania CNC. Frezujemy i grawerujemy dowolne kształty, w tworzywach sztucznych, drewnie, Plexi czy Dibondzie. Dzięki technologii CNC możliwe jest w szczególności wykonywanie reklamy przestrzennej (kasetony, reklamy świetlne) jak również tabliczek, szyldów czy prezenterów grawerowanych. Przewagą frezowania CNC nad laserowym jest przede wszystkim zmniejszenie naprężeń w materiale podczas jego obróbki. Dzięki temu otrzymujemy estetyczne i precyzyjnie wykonane produkty o jednolitych i gładkich powierzchniach.

Laser cutting, graving

Laser cutting and graving technology enables precise mapping of the desired shape on a previously chosen material. It is possible to use it to cut Plexiglas, wood, and cardboard, while simultaneously preserving smooth edges. The laser-cut components are practically always ready to apply or assemble just after cutting, without the need for any additional processing. Laser cutting is an excellent solution for projects requiring repetition of prepared elements and precision.

Graphic design

Graphical designing is a service offered to our most demanding Clients. We can offer you the services of a fully equipped graphics studio and a team of experienced and creative graphical designers. We offer not only preparation of materials for printing, but also various advertising material projects (posters, leaflets, stickers), as well as preparation of an end-to-end visual identification scheme. Our projects are aesthetically unique and are all tailored for the individual needs of our Clients.

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